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’Tis The Season To Be Robbing

There have already been 6,000 potential e-commerce phishing sites designed to mimic the 50 top e-retailers this year, and the figure could climb to 9,000 by year’s end, NormShield’s State of E-Commerce Phishing 2019 report predicted today.

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Hackers Subvert Security Checks Like the Browser Padlock

The use of security certificates, once a badge of authenticity for the internet, among phishing websites has almost doubled, rising to 15% in 2019 from 8.5% in 2018, according to research from risk-monitoring service NormShield Inc. published Wednesday.

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Hackers just found serious vulnerabilities in a U.S. military fighter jet

Hackers who create phishing websites to steal people’s banking credentials are putting more effort into making those sites look legitimate, according to a report out this morning from the cybersecurity company Normshield.

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Security Guy TV at BlackHat 2019

Security Guy TV interviews CSO Bob Maley and CTO Candan Bolukbas at BlackHat 2019. 

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Get Ready For A Ransomware Tsunami

As Bob Maley, CSO at NormShield and former CISO for the state of Pennsylvania, put it, if a victim organization has no recovery plan or any idea of what the impact of losing everything that has been encrypted, “then the decision becomes one of desperation.”

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MSSP Partner Programs & Cybersecurity Partnerships

 DVV Solutions, a provider of third-party risk management (TPRM) and IT security services, has partnered with NormShield, a provider of standards-based external cyber risk assessment and mitigation recommendations.

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$20 Million Investment Round Shows Growth of Risk Assessment Market

The Series B investment supports a company bringing risk assessment to businesses in business terms.

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